Do you want to explore new soundscapes and express yourself through music like never before? If so, the Didgeridoo – Digital course is the course you’ve been looking for!

The Saxo Didge is a unique a didgeridoo that looks like a saxophone and plays also like a trumpet, which combines the rich harmonic tones of a  trumpet with the earthy, primal rhythms of the didgeridoo. The result is a one-of-a-kind instrument that allows you to play with a broad range of timbres and emotions, from smooth and mellow to raw and powerful, it also allows you to travel easily, move and dance while playing expressing yourself with your Didgeridoo like never before.


NOTE – You can use any kind of Didgeridoo for this course although it is recommended to use a Saxo-Didge for best results.


Connect with Nature and Spirituality:

The Didgeridoo's roots in Aboriginal culture, it's unique sound and playing experience which involves circular breathing can inspire you to reconnect with the natural world and express your own inner voice.

Boost your Physical and Mental Health:

Playing the Didgeridoo is a great way to exercise your lungs, improve your posture, and reduce stress and anxiety through mindful breathing and meditation and those who are involved in healing therapy can also participate in Didge's therapy.

Develop your Musical Skills and Ability to Playing Others Didge:

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, the Didgeridoo requires you to hone your breath control, embouchure, and improvisation skills, which can translate to other instruments and genres, and can make you the star of any jam session.


You learn how to produce a sound called a drone, during the class you get an exercise to create a long and stable drone so that you can practice and master this sound.

After we learned how to produce a drone, we noticed that sometimes it takes time for the sound to become strong and stable and in this exercise we learn how to create the sound strong and stable from the first second the sound comes out of the didge.

In this lesson we will learn how to open and close the cheeks while playing a drone and what affect it creates on the sound itself.

In this lesson we will learn to articulate the sounds ta and ka. We will explain why ta and ka are said in particular, and will give several exercises to master a very high level of control in the technique of these sounds.

In this lesson we will understand what vocals are performed with the didge and what you need to be careful of to protect the vocal cords.

In this lesson we will learn different types of vocals that can be used in the didge and we will get exercises to master and strengthen the control of these sounds.

In this lesson we will learn what overtones are and what the differences between them and we will get various exercises to reach a high level of control in this technique.

In this lesson we will learn what wak is, what are the differences between the different types of wak and we will get different exercises to reach a high level of mastery of this technique.

In this lesson we will understand what cyclic breathing is and how to do it outside the didge (regardless of the didge itself) in preparation for the next lesson where we will play the didge with cyclic breathing.

In this lesson we will learn the main methods to succeed in doing cyclic breathing with the Didge.

In this lesson we will learn to combine the cyclic breathing together with all the sounds we learned in the course – this lesson is the most important, full of exercises and full of examples and sounds.


Matthias Scmidt
Matthias Scmidt
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Eldar aka the Legendary Strawberryman is a geniune, patient and also funny teacher when it comes to the didge. I had about 8 zoom-sessions with Eldar and from there on I improved massively. He took the time to explain the different technics in a proper way and kept me motivated to work on my didge skills on a regular basis.
Brian Dill
Brian Dill
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I started playing the didgeridoo after I had a stroke. It helped me through the recovery, but I came to a plateau. I wanted lessons so I searched out my didgeridoo hero Eldar Blau aka (the legendary strawberry man). He helped me begin to crush berrier after berrier, climb to higher levels, and just begin to believe in myself. The lessons helped me in so many ways with playing the didgeridoo but also just with life. Eldar is a friend, inspiration, and a mentor who fights for you, your goals and your dreams plus he is nice eye candy during lessons haha
Alon Stein
Alon Stein
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I am happy to share my admiration for my incredibly skilled and effective didgeridoo teacher. Eldar’s exceptional teaching skills and methods have made my learning journey truly remarkable. With a perfect blend of structure and playfulness, he progresses students efficiently, incorporating engaging techniques and interactive exercises. He is full of patience and adjusted the pace according to my needs by tailoring a specific exercise regime that fit my needs and learning style. His passion for the didgeridoo is contagious, and his profound insights into its cultural and spiritual aspects enrich the experience. Under his guidance, I have witnessed significant progress, both in technique and musicality. I highly recommend the strawberry man to anyone seeking an extraordinary didgeridoo teacher who will inspire and nurture their musical aspirations.


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