Travel Didgeridoo – Lucky Minor7


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Cobra Song

The Lucky Minor7 is tuned with seven harmonic trumpets that form a minor 7 chord.

With its unique wobbling effect, high back-pressure and output, The Lucky Minor 7 has an ethereal sound and feel unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Made for advanced players who love trumpeting and creating enchanting melodies and sounds, the Lucky Minor 7 is a magical instrument. Goosebumps guaranteed.


Travel Didgeridoo – Lucky Minor7



High-Tech CADSD Sound Design
Unique Saxo shape                                      
Sound design Lucky Minor7
Drone noteD2
1st Trumpet noteC3
2nd Trumpet noteA3
3rd Trumpet noteD4
4th Trumpet noteF4
5th Trumpet noteA4
6th Trumpet noteC5
7th Trumpet noteD5
Mouthpiece size30mm
WeightApprox. 2KG
Size79 X 35 X 12.4cm

* Mouthpiece customisation available

We ship worldwide‭.  ‬Shipping fees vary based on geographic location‭.  ‬It takes up to 2‭ ‬months for the production and arrival of‭ ‬your Saxo-Didge Didgeridoo‭,  ‬but usually it arrives after only 28‭ ‬days‭.  ‬Delays can be expected due to Coronavirus Global Pandemic

All Saxo-Didge models include a one year warranty.
Damages occurring during shipment are covered by the warranty.
The warranty does not cover damage that may incur due to mishandling* of the client.

*Mishandling includes but is not limited to prolonged exposure to sun and/or heat, external damages such as scratches and dents, physical damages due to dropping or neglect, etc.

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Reviews from Didgeridoo players and artists that already

got their hands on Saxo–Didge instruments



Reviews from Didgeridoo players
and artists that already

got their hands on Saxo–Didge


They’re made of strong and resilient materials: high quality durable & recyclable polymer, strengthening materials, Special paint with pearl and lacquer.

Each instrument goes through a long rigorous process to insure the highest quality and durability, and that special Saxo-Didge look.

Saxo-Didge Didgeridoos are all made in a complex process that involves both technology & handmade craftsmanship.
Every Computer aided Didgeridoo sound design is made in a directed evolution algorithmic software which calculates the instruments internal dimensions (this is what determines the sound of the instrument).

Those complicated mathematical calculations are then translated to a 3D Model by a professional 3D Designer, every note of each individual sound design requires many hours of designing.

After the instrument is modelled perfectly it is folded to the Saxo-Didge unique shape, and only then starts the creation process which involves machines but is mostly hand made.

The physical assembly of the instrument is done by a professional with the highest quality materials and it goes through rigorous quality checks to insure the durability of each individual instrument.
The last part of the process is done by a professional paint artist who uses the highest quality materials to insure the instrument would last as many years as possible and also to give it that special Saxo-Didge look.

We have tremendous respect and admiration for the Aboriginal culture. Eldar Blau AKA LSM, our founder, flew to Australia to find the Yolngu tribe that resides in Arnhem Land in order to learn about the origins of the Didgeridoo.

He lived with them for some time and created friendships that last to this very day.

With cutting-edge sound & design, Saxo-Didge Didgeridoos provides an unprecedented playing experience.

Saxo-Didge Didgeridoos feature tuning precision, durability, and compactness which enable easy travel and mobility on stage.

Saxo-Didge Didgeridoos comes in a variety of notes, trumpet scales and sound designs so you can choose between traditional and contemporary playing styles.

CADSD stands for: Computer Aided Sound Design, which means using a special software that does the math required In order to determine the Didgeridoo tunnel shape.

Every sound design we want to create goes through CADSD process. By doing that we can determine the Didgeridoo: tone, drone note, trumpets scale and many more elements. Once we have the final blueprint for the tunnel then the creation process begins.

With time we will develop additional notes to our existing sound designs as well as creating new exciting sound designs that will unlock more sounds and playing styles for Didgeridoo artists.

For those who can’t wait and want their additional notes right now, contact us for custom orders.

We have tremendous respect and admiration for the Aboriginal culture and we would never make such claims.

It’s a different instrument with different benefits, suiting multiple needs and sounding different than the authentic Australian didge. We are not seeking to replace anything, and especially not the traditional Yidaki. We only seek to add options and developments for Didgeridoo enthusiasts all over the world.